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Objectives of(Al-Sadra)Football Academy

Creating a broad base of football practitioners.

 Contributing to the development of football at the club and national team level.

 Creating an athletic generation that possesses technical skills, physical fitness, and psychological fitness.

 Improving the educational, pedagogical and cultural level of players.

 Developing educational values ​​and the spirit of loyalty, belonging, discipline, sincerity, leadership and sportsmanship among young players.

 Preparing technical and administrative cadres to work in football academies.

 Encouraging and motivating parents to enroll their children in the academy.

 Marketing the academy’s various activities and programs.

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Organizing Events

We plan and innovate in organizing sports festivals ‘entertainment , sports  tournament , cultural, and promotional’ with the best modern international technologies

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U-16 Man League

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OUR MESSAGE(Alsadra Academy)

The academy seeks to be an educational sport that provides an educational and sporting environment for discovery

The best sporting talents in football, reaching the international level and launching players towards…

Scientific and international standards, in accordance with sports  identity.

Our Player

Finlay Adams
Finlay Adams


Robert Richards
Robert Richards

Center Midfield

Leon Reid
Leon Reid